A strictly no-bullshit/no-brainer blog on digital minimalism and privacy for the average Pakistani (so that they may not remain average any more).

We won’t be delving into stupid arguments about stuff on the internet and authenticity of the WhatsApp hoax or anything of that sort. We begin with a clear vision and we ensure that by the end of each post you’ve something new to try, add  to (i.e. subtract from) your digital life.

We avoid discussion on what’s hot or not, true or false. We are focused on producing content that helps you get from point A to point B. Yes, it’s true that can happen through dialogue too but let’s get this straight, we are not planning to do this. We’ve done that for a very long time, wasn’t half as effective as we assumed so we are changing our approach.


We aim to create a single source of how-to guides on digital minimalism and privacy. We will of course answer all the “whats” and “whys” but the end goal is to inform the readers as to how they can lead the change in their lives.

The content is short, snappy and visually-rich. Since the nature of the information is deeply wired in the here and now, we try to keep it timeless by coming back to the old posts and establishing a timeless directory.

The content will also be grounded in the local context so while we intend to reach out to a wider global audience, we will be slightly inclined towards producing content that appeals to the Pakistani readers as there is a dire need of such platform where people have easy access to take charge of all things digital in their lives.


Bloggerine was launched as a tech blog, the next day I got over my CIEs in the summer of 2011 on May 24th.  We covered many aspects of technology in-depth with a particular focus on South Asian blogging scene building a bridge between Pakistani and Indian bloggers. Now when I look at it, I am a bit embarrassed like we all are of our first email addresses so even though I might have a back up of the content somewhere in my hard drive I have absolutely no intention to put it back.

While we are changing niche and delving into a new realm, we are keeping our traditional values and ethos intact in everything we intend to do. It’s like our brainchild has grown up as a wonderful teenager in past couple of years so while the appearance and content has changed, the soul of the story is still the same.


Every time I say, we, I am referring to two individuals i.e. Ramsha Afaq (myself) and Ismail Vohra. We have a clear sense of responsibility (at least as of now). I intend to do most of the curation and creation whereas Ismail will be looking after the management and marketing primarily with a bit of tweaking of codes and all to deliver a smooth experience.

Bloggerine has always been a collective effort so I’ll also acknowledge the people who are not part of the revival but have laid the foundation. It includes Azeemullah Hasan for his enthusiasm to write when I first approached him and Ammar Kasbati for his relentless support, determination and continuously renewing the domain for over 7 years now.

Alongside these individuals, there were a bunch of regular readers and contributors who have helped us come a long way forward as bloggers and digital marketers. These are also the people who have given us the hope to do this again.

Today, we begin again with high aspirations. Let’s see where this new journey takes us. Come along!

Your’s Truly,

Ramsha Afaq